1) How long does a phone take to charge?

The charging time depends on several factors, for example the smartphone model, the battery charge level, the battery life time, the room temperature. That being said, wireless charging is still quite fast; moreover our products also support the fast charge technology, both for the smart bag and the smartphone (fast charge devices).

2) How often do I need to charge the smart bag?

In the daily regular usage, you just have to leave the smart bag in charge when you don't take it away, and that's enough, considering that the bag is usually left on the same place.

3) If I want to change my old battery, what can I do?

Removal is simple and safe; just connect the new original battery after removing the old one from the hidden pocket.

4) Is it compatible with all phones?

Yes, the evobag products can charge all wireless charging smartphones without cables. In addition, the evobag can charge any standard usb device (smartphone, tablet, cam) via cable, using the internal USB port.

5) Can I charge the iPad with evobag?

Of course! Do you want to know how? Simply connect the USB cable to the integrated port of the bag.

6) How do I charge my smartphone?

Just put it inside the wireless charging pocket, with the screen facing the internal side of the bag, to charge it wirelessly (for wireless charging smartphone only), or you can use the internal usb port.

7) How can I charge the evobag?

Just leave the evobag in place on the evobag pad, it will be charged wirelessly.

8) Can I bring my evobag on the airplane?

Yes. If required, just remove the battery.

9) Is it a safe product?

The evobag's electronic components are safe and certified, according to the current safety regulations.
In addition, the battery is inside a Li-Po safe bag.